Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Pumpkin Patch 2018

We made our annual trip to Dehn's Pumpkins on Monday.  We were running short on available days that weren't going to be freezing, so it was now or never.  Light jackets seemed like enough, but the sun tucked down and we were a little chilly.  The corn pit offered some break from the wind.
Parker was eager to hop in the corn pit, so Esme and I went to the field for pumpkins.
Both kids had a blast playing.  Esme loved the slide, but needed a lot of help climbing up.
They have beefed up their inflatable game the last couple years, so that's where we headed next.  Going a week night was much less busy and gave Esme an opportunity to try out some activities without hindering others.  Parker had some pretty sweet moves on the slide that can be seen in the video below.
Thanks for another fun year Dehn's!

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