Thursday, May 31, 2018

Beating the Heat

Memorial Day Weekend was one for the weather record books!  I set up the pool in anticipation of the heat last Wednesday.  The ground water is still pretty cold, so it helped to have it warm up.  This the third year I have put op this pool and I discovered the next morning that we have slow leak in the top ring and a very, very slow leak in the bottom ring.  I was able to limp it through the weekend, but already picked up a replacement.  These ones are cheap enough that I don't expect them to last more than a year.  I love being able to set it up on the deck, instead of in the grass.  I didn't have to worry about mowing before I set up and we didn't get nearly as much grass in it.  This is the first year has been able to really enjoy it as well.  She was just too little last year, but Parker is showing her the ropes!
 We went to the Children's Museum first thing Saturday morning.  Arriving at 9 is the best because there is nobody there!  We get the place practically to ourselves for a good 30-45 minutes.

 They have a new special exhibit, Dinosaur Train.  Parker liked the train horn and bell.
 He also liked the A-Z wall.  There was a dinosaur for every letter and he went through them all.
 Esme and I rolled out some play-doh and stamped dinosaur tracks.
 They also added some musical instruments on the main floor and both kids enjoyed.
 One final stop in Forces at Play for some car wash and ball launching fun!
 We had a BBQ Saturday evening with both sides of our family.  It was still sweltering out, so we ate inside.  It did cool down enough later to hang out in the backyard and let the kids swim.
 Sunday and Monday were pretty low-key.  We had a family church service that the kids attended with us, then we went to the park later in the day.  Parker was walking along a retaining wall and took a pretty nasty fall.  He scraped up his arm and was really shook up.  He doesn't typically get too upset by injuries, so we knew it was pretty serious when he wouldn't calm down.  We got home pretty quick, cleaned it up, and dressed him in some long sleeve jammies so he wouldn't keep touching it.  He was very lethargic the rest of the day on Monday and in to Tuesday.  We ended up keeping him home from school since Jimmy was off.  He was back to his normal self come Wednesday, which made us all happy.
 Memorial Day itself hit 100 degrees and broke a record!  We mostly hung out at home, but did go out for lunch at Five Guys.  Burger and a milkshake for the win!
It has cooled down now and we have a lot of rain in the forecast, so the pool will be down for a while.  We hope you had a great holiday!

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