Saturday, May 19, 2018

Best Backyard Yet!

We loved hanging out in our old backyard and were hoping the new one would be just as good.  We are slowly making it better and better.  We added a new-to-us swing set last fall and are continuing to make improvements.  I was originally planning to keep the planter and use it partially as a standing sandbox.  I decided we probably wouldn't use it as planned, so it needed to go.  As i started tearing it down there was a stampede of carpenter ants and I quickly discovered this was their colony.  It reinforced my choice to remove it.  There was a decent layer of black dirt that I used to fill a low spot along out fence.  The bottom was filled with sand and some old concrete fence footings.
Esme was a great supervisor while I moved all the sand!  I have the new landscape timbers set in temporarily and I will secure them with some rebar stakes.
Another favorite in the backyard is the neighbor dog, Paisley.  Both kids run to the fence when she comes out.  Parker even says "Hi, Paisley" and Esme barks.  I am glad they are getting used to having dogs around and aren't afraid of them.

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