Friday, June 24, 2016

Double Digit Weeks

Esme had a lot of first outings this week.  The Twins game on Tuesday, then we met up with my old work friend Gib for lunch and frisbee golf.  Esme slept through the whole round and we won!  Trees were his enemy that day...  And don't worry, I made sure to support her head when I threw.
Parker has continued to love up on Esme and those are my favorite moments.  He is liking to lift her up, play with her legs and pull her socks off.  I make sure to keep a close eye when they are together.
We are getting more smiles every day and got one for her weekly picture!
And here is a comparison of Parker and Esme.  She is definitely filling out more than Parker did, which is so adorable.  She has also maxed out my kitchen scale, so no more exact weights.
I didn't get any pictures of her final first, but we went to a church softball game.  I was making sure to watch the ball carefully which was good because we almost got hit!  The ball landed in her carseat, good thing I took her out!  Lots more first to come!

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