Thursday, May 5, 2016

Settling In

I feel like we are finally settling in to a new routine.  Enjoying lot of family time at home, but also getting out a bunch!  It's been a pretty nice week and we got out of the house to play!  We went to Elm Creek Park last Friday and Lake Harriet this afternoon.  Tomorrow is going to be close to 90, so we will be out again!
We have had lots of kind and generous visitors as well, coming with gifts and food in tow!  We have has pulled pork, spaghetti, baked ziti, carnitas and soup with more to come!
Among the visitors was my nephew Jayden.  He loves babies and was so sweet with Esme, just like he was with Parker.  I asked him if she was cute and his response was "yes, because she looks like me!"
She is still small enough to weigh in a casserole dish on my kitchen scale!  This photo is just for Shannon.  Her 3 week weight is 6 lb 7.5 oz!
We also got our pictures back from our photo shoot last week.  Daisy Jane Photography did an amazing job once again, we are so grateful for her talent!  Here are some of my favorites!
I have been making a bunch of headbands, but the one below is extra special!  The flower was made wth the lace trim from my mom's wedding veil.  I used the tulle from it for my wedding and am so glad I saved the trim.


  1. Good job settling into a routine. That is really going to help things. I know some people don't like routines and schedules for newborns, but I know it really helped me when David joined our family.
    These pictures are wonderful! The photographer did a lovely job :)

  2. Such great pictures!! And I love the Scale one!!! :)