Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

We had so much to celebrate this weekend since I am now a mom of two!  I will be honest, I have claimed Mother's Day as MY day!  I think everyone should have a day just for them.  Since Jimmy and I share a birthday I wasn't able to claim that.  I didn't even realize how much Mother's Day meant to me until my first one didn't go as I thought it would.  Jimmy now knows this about me as well and gave me the perfect day!  On a side note, the weekend started with Esme's cord stump finally falling off!  It took 22 days and we thought it would never come.  This meant she finally got a real bath on Saturday.  I think she will like baths as much as Parker does.
Jimmy let me sleep in until almost 9:00!  I got woken up with a a card, gifts, and kid snuggles.
 My favorite gift was an addition to my necklace.  I knew this was coming since I had to tell Jimmy where he could get it.  A co-worker gave me the orange stone and "Parker" tag for my first Mother's Day, so it seemed like a good idea to get one for Esme.
We did a simple craft for the grandmas as well.  I am so happy with how well Parker did with the hand prints.  Arts are not his favorite activity, but he has been very good about participating as school when asked.  Esme was half asleep, so she didn't mind too much either.
Parker even danced with me in the kitchen before heading to church!
 We had lunch with Jimmy's parents and headed to mine after.  It was a gorgeous day to just hang out on the patio.
I am so proud to be Parker and Esme's mom and I hope my mom is proud to have me too.  Happy Mother's Day to moms of every kind out there, it all starts with you!


  1. What a sweet day for you! It's true about not being able to claim your birthday. I'm so glad you have a day to claim so that you can be celebrated! You're one amazing lady, and a fantastic mother :) Enjoy your necklace, and soak in those snuggles! Happy (Belated) Mother's Day Lesa!

    1. Thanks for all your kind words! Happy Mother's Day to you as well, BB-3 will be here in no time!