Saturday, May 14, 2016

Esme June - One Month Old

Esme is one month old today!  It still astonishes me how quickly the time goes by, so I just have to savor it!  Some points of interest for myself to remember later.  She is still wearing all newborn size clothes and diapers, but the clothes are actually starting to fit well!  She is drinking 2.5 oz of formula every 2.5-3 hours, but usually has a time in the evening where she only makes it 90 minutes.  The longest stretch she has gone is 4 hours, but that is still very rare.  She usually has 2-3 longer awake times during the day that last 1-2 hours.  She likes to watch her brother bop around the living room and loves hearing daddy's voice.  We do tummy time every day and she usually tolerates it well.  She really likes to fall asleep in that position, but I make sure to keep a close eye on her.  Here is a video of some awake time the other night, she also gets the hiccups a lot! 
We had our first day without dad today and it went pretty well.  Jimmy has been letting me sleep in, so it will be an adjustment to get up with the kids on my own.  I did have both of them fed and dressed (in real clothes, not the pjs pictured below) by 8:30 today.  We will have to work our way up to being ready earlier once I go back to work.
Here she is at 1 week and 1 month.  I tried to scale them as closely as possible, but you can easily tell she has been growing!  1.5 pounds makes a big difference!  We will see if that onesie still fits at 2 months!
Happy 1 month my Sweetie Bear!

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