Saturday, June 21, 2014

Water Bug

We officially have a water bug on our hands!  I have always loved the water and still do, so I was hoping Parker would too!  It seems like it has been rainy and stormy for weeks so I was glad the sun decided to pop out yesterday.  We went to a local splash pad with our neighbors on Friday and had a blast (a big thanks to my neighbor for the super cute hand-me-down swim outfit!)

At first, he was mostly interested in the sewer drain nearby...
Then found a couple mud puddles to slosh around in...
It wasn't until I had to put him in the REAL water to wash him off that he realized how much fun the splash pad was!
We will definitely be coming back here again soon!

We also set up our new kiddie pool in the backyard and Parker is in LOVE!  I bought a larger one this year so the whole family could enjoy it.  The first night was pretty chilly, but we got used to it quickly.
It warmed up a lot today and we were able to spend a lot of time playing!
We went to the backyard after dinner tonight and he tried climbing in with all his clothes on, I guess that is a sure sign he loves it.  That may make it tough when we just want to hang out without swimming.  It should be a great summer for the Herrmann's!

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