Thursday, June 12, 2014

Double the Trash Truck and Other Fun

One of my favorite bloggers is Chrissy Kelly at Life with Greyson and Parker.  I think I have linked to her site before, but she has 2 little boys with Autism and has been a huge resource and comfort during my journey.  Her boys LOVE the garbage truck and have a tradition of "Trash Truck Wednesday."  My Parker also loves trucks of all kinds so we decided to join the party!  One of Parker's favorite things as of late is to look out the front window when we can't actually be outside.  The first thing he has done every morning this week is run to the living room and sit like this...
 I do lift the blinds eventually so he doesn't totally destroy them, but I find this pretty endearing.  Mondays are our trash day and Parker got to see lots of trucks go by, not just our carrier.  He also got to see the recycling truck come by!
We live near some businesses so we actually get another truck on Thursday!  Parker was so excited to see it again!
 Monday afternoon was a but tough for him.  Our PT appointment was a little earlier than normal so I think he was still trying to wake up.  I wasn't going to complain about the snuggles.  He did cry quite a bit when the therapist came to get him.  It sure made me feel loved and needed, but also a little sad!
 We woke up this morning to chillier than normal temps, only in the 50's.  We bundled a little and walked to a different park than our normal one.  Parker really enjoyed the gears!
 And exploring the new equipment.
I love this series of pictures I got of him on the slide.  It is moments like this that I absolutely cherish as a mom! Who wouldn't just fall in love with this guy!
Happy almost Friday!

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