Thursday, April 3, 2014

Washington DC - Part 4

Sunday was our final full day and it also had the worst weather.  It was 40 degrees, which doesn't seen bad, but when you factor in the rain/sleet/hail and 25+ mph winds and it was not very pleasant.  We had booked a tour of Nationals Park in advance and really didn't want to miss it.  There was one other family from Oregon and one local for a total of only 7 people!  Most of the tour was inside or at least covered and out of the rain which helped.
View of the Washington Monument
View from the nice warn press box
We got to sit at the mic in the post game interview room.  
And even throw a pitch in the bullpen!  That was really cool!
This one was a strike!
We warmed up with coffee and waffles at a little place across from Ford's Theater (where Lincoln was assassinated.)
Then headed just up the block to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.  I have always wanted to go, but could never justify the price.  Luckily a Groupon popped up just before we left.  The DC location is especially fun because they have all the presidents.
George Washington
Abe Lincoln
Jimmy and his buddy MLK
Photo bombing the Kennedys
Jimmy and Jimmy!
They had a large area for the current president with a podium and oval office replica.  You could purchase professional pictures, but they also let you take your own.
The Obamas
The King of Pop
Our final stop for the day was the White House.  We got a few pictures and headed back to the hotel.

Monday morning was beautiful and clear (of course.)  While we didn't get to enjoy it from the ground I was able to get a great picture of the mall from the plane.
Overall, it was a great vacation, one we will never forget!  I hope to go back again once Parker is older and share the fun with him.

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