Saturday, June 15, 2013

Water/Sand/Anything Table

My dad and I built two sensory play tables last weekend.  Here is a quick overview of how we made them.  We cut the pieces below.  Remember, these are nominal dimensions (actual dimensions are slightly smaller.)  My dad had a table saw so we ripped the 1x2 boards ourselves.  I chose green treated material since we will be storing these tables outside.
We attached both the long and short sides to the legs, instead of each other.  We uses 2" screws to attach the short side and 1 1/4" screes for the long sides.  Make sure to pre-drill your holes.  These boards can easily split, weakening the structure.
We used the last 3 shorter boards as supports for the plastic container by attaching them with 2" screws to the underside of the longer boards.  I used a Sterilite 41 quart under bed container.
I purchased a few cheap water toys from Target and it was ready for playing!
Thanks Dad for helping me with this project!

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  1. How awesome that you made that! I'm quite impressed :)