Friday, April 10, 2020

Staying Busy

We've been doing our best to stay busy during these uncertain times.  Esme has been having fun with a magnet board we borrowed from daycare.  She wasn't too interested in copying the pictures, but made a lot of snowmen, she's obsessed with snowmen.
We've been breaking out the playdoh a bit more as it can keep both of the occupied for longer than most activities.  They are also starting to help out with more chores.  Moving the trash, recycling, and yard waste cans is a favorite.
We've been using the "playground at home" a lot since we can't go to the park.  I think Esme is ready to graduate from the baby swing, so we will have to find another belt swing.
Thursday was a bit of a crazy weather day.  It was snowing and sunny off and on the whole time.  I was glad I put the kids in snow gear for our morning play session.  Esme asked me to make a snowman (see the obsession!) with snow from the slide.  She then proceeded to bite his head off!  More snow is expected this weekend, which seems to be the trend around Esme's birthday the last couple years.

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