Monday, April 6, 2020

Distance Learning 101

We are knee deep in staying at home and have started distance learning with Parker.  This is going to be a challenge for a lot of parents, us included.  Having a special education student can add to those stresses.  The kids are getting along surprisingly well considering how much time they are spending together.  Esme loves to be wherever Parker is (he isn't always as thrilled) and it has been a joy to watch their bond grow.
We are getting a weekly score card from Parker's teach that includes activities for all of his subjects.  We have logins for a few websites and are using an app called Seesaw to message with his teacher and complete assignments.  We've also been adding in some other activities to keep us busy.
Writing practice and sorting and counting with cereal.  He was really focused on finishing all of the letters and didn't want to stop until he got to "Z."  Beyond that, it's been hit or miss on getting things done.  Parker thrives on routine and he had a great one at school, but we are doing our best at home while I try to work.

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