Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Kids' Vacation to Grandpa and Grandma's

***All photo credit to my mom, Nana Buxton***

The kids got to spend the weekend and Monday with my parents while we went on our own trip.  You may have to be the judge, but I think they had a better time than us.  We dropped them of Friday night and the fun started right away.  They stopped by the neighbors house to visit the cows and got to drive the little Gator.  Parker knew just what to do since it is so similar to his Mustang at home.
Saturday was the big day.  They went to the local Country Daze festival to check out the petting zoo, build robin nesting boxes (these could come in handy next year if our robins return), and play on inflatables
As if that wasn't enough, they closed out the day with a visit to the park and fudge pops in the car!
This picture of Esme took my breath away when my mom first sent it to me.  The lighting was just right to make her blue eyes pop. A keeper for sure.

Parker took a trip to Sky Zone on Sunday to burn some energy while Esme rested.  I am pretty sure the kids wish they could be with their grandparents every weekend!
Thanks for taking great care of the kiddos!

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