Thursday, August 8, 2019

Landscape Revamp for National Night Out

We hosted a gathering for National Night Out this year.  In preparation, I decided to begin tackling our front landscaping.  I had thought about paying someone to do it or renting equipment, but I am cheap and impatient, so I started by myself.  It took a whole week of evenings to move the large rocks, landscape rock and the plants that I could.  We had previously cut down the larger bushes and left the stumps.
We took a walk to the hardware store on the Saturday before for a couple items.  Esme insisted on taking her phone and "book," which is really the manual to Parker's bike.
I borrowed my dad's truck and we were able to pick up some mulch and take a load of brush and other wood away.  It was looking pretty clean by Saturday night.  I will plant something in there by next summer, but it already looks way better.
There was one stump I couldn't remove right away, so I turned it in to a little fairy house.  I grabbed a few round bars and sheet from work and made a little copper roof.  A little red craft paint and a screw made a perfect little faux door.
I forgot to take pictures of the food and our actual gathering, but we did have a visit from the fire department.  Parker isn't afraid of the trucks anymore, which is really fun. He was excited to climb up and turn the wheel.  He could have went up and down those steps all night.
Esme needed a bit more encouragement initially, but found her stride.
There was another gathering a block away, we just happened to distribute flyers on the same night, so we will probably let them take the helm next year, but it was nice to get together with our (sorta) new neighbors.

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