Wednesday, August 14, 2019

A New 'Do and Other Happenings

We stopped by Ridgedale on Friday night to look for a new Twins hat for Jimmy.  We stopped by PLAY as well and it was totally empty.  I suppose I shouldn't be surprised when it was a gorgeous summer evening in Minnesota.  They loved running around unhindered.
When we started our Lifetime Fitness membership in April, I got $100 to spend on just about anything in the club.  They have a hair salon, so I decided to get a new 'do before the bucks expired.  My stylist's name was Sam and we had such a great time talking.  I would definitely go back to see her again.  Here is my before picture.
 First we did some blonde highlights.
 Then we cut off some length and bangs.  That's right, BANGS!  This is the biggest change I have made in a while, but I really like it.
This last nugget is just a cute thing Esme said that I don't want to forget.  She is getting so much personality!  She already had to dinner plate when I gave her a bowl of yogurt.  Without skipping a beat, she says, "Yay, yogurt time!"  I just busted up laughing.  She just keeps saying the best things these days!

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