Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Rhett and Link Live

A little over a year and a half ago, Jimmy and I attended the Tour of Mythicality, a variety show by Rhett and Link of Good Mythical Morning. I had a blast and was ecstatic to hear they were embarking on a concert tour this summer, including some VIP options.  I knew Jimmy wouldn't be very interested, so I reached out to an old friend that I had seen like like some of their content on Facebook.  She was just as excited as I was and we had VIP tickets in hand less than 10 minutes later!  I had grand dreams of making a gift for them, but time always gets the best of me and that didn't happen.  I did have time to make a special shirt for myself to wear!  It was adapted from an older logo they have used.
We had to arrive extra early for VIP access and took some picture with the marquee.  It was once again at the Orpheum, which is a phenomenal venue.
Amanda and I went to school together since 3rd grade, reconnected for a while in college and had drifted apart again.  I think it is a really cool how life and circumstances can continue to bring people together.
We perused the merch table and grabbed some signature cocktails while waiting for the doors to open.
Finally in our seats!  We were in the second row, but someone unsuccessfully tried scalping the front row seats, so there was no one in front of us.
Britton Buchanan was the opening act.  He appeared on season 14 of the Voice, finishing 2nd.  He is also the cousin of Link.  He has some really soulful and funny songs.
We made friends with a few of the folks we were sitting with.  Curtis and Sarah had a great time joking around and made us feel REAL OLD!
And we can't forget our amazing usher, Lorraine! She was so kind and loving to us!
After the brief intermission, I let out an unexpected "teen girl at a boy band concert" scream.  They were so close, I was speechless!
They played songs new and old and just provided pure, fun entertainment.  I am admittedly not as familiar with their music as their show, but it's gonna be good when you love the other things they do.
The rap sequence was pretty epic, matching jumpsuits and all.
They changed back for the encore and ended the show with just as much enthusiasm as they started with.
We waited for the theater to empty before heading to the meet and greet.  Amanda got to share a fun story about her husband after hugs!
I am not sure that the smile on my face fully represents how excited I was.  These guys make me laugh out loud most days and that isn't as easy as it sounds.  They were so kind and genuine to each and every fan that came up (or they can fake it really well.)  I got to hug them guys, seriously, this was amazing!
Rhett is my favorite because I love his beard, so this picture of him probably-looking-at-the-lanyard in-my-pocket, but possibly-checking-out-my-butt is my favorite.
Thank you Rhett and Link and Amanda for a wonderful evening!

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