Monday, July 15, 2019

Pickle Pizza and the Park

A few weeks ago, word of a pickle pizza went locally viral.  Everyone was talking about it!  It's loosely based on Minnesota sushi, a snack/appetizer that includes dill pickles and cream cheese wrapped in lunch meat (typically ham or corned beef.)  This pizza has a dill garlic sauce, 48 hour smoked Canadian bacon, fresh mozzarella, and lots of dill pickles!  My best friend, Rachel, suggested we have an outing to try it and I was on board.

After recovering for a couple hours from the tough mudder, I loaded up the kids, picked up Rachel and headed to QC Pizza in Mahtomedi.  We grabbed McDonald's for the kids before picking up the pie and seeking out a park.
 We found a cute spot on Silver Lake to eat and play.  I like pickles, but don't typically eat them straight up.  I was a little worried it would be an overwhelming pickle taste, but it was really well balanced and the fresh dill was the perfect finishing touch.  The crust was crunchy and soft in all the right ways.  I assume they use the same crust on their other pizzas, so they have their craft really dialed in.  It was fun to have a few moments to catch up and let the kids play.
Thanks for inviting us out Rachel, can't wait for our next adventure!

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