Sunday, May 5, 2019

Finally getting some outside time!

We are finally getting some warmer days here and are trying to make the most of them.  French Regional Park (the ropes park) underwent a major re-design over the last couple years.  I blogged about our first trip with Parker here.  He was a little younger than Esme at that time and barely wanted to climb the ropes.  The new park opened late last year and I was excited to check it out.  We went on Friday for family date night. Esme stayed mostly on the smaller structures and slides at first, but eventually ventured on to the larger rope nets. I was impressed when she climbed all the way to the top (with mom close behind).  Parker had a great time exploring the whole park.
 Saturday morning, Esme and I joined our friends, the Caldwells, at the Cystic Fibrosis walk around Bde Mka Ska (aka Lake Calhoun.) They walk for their son, Carter, who was diagnosed shortly after birth.  We met Elsa and Jasmine before trekking around the lake.  Esme was partly shy and partly blinded by the sun and also tried to sit on Jasmine's knee.  It was hilarious!
A perfect day for a walk with friends.

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