Saturday, April 6, 2019

World Autism Day, Jayden's Birthday, Work Remodel

I jumped right back in knee deep after we returned from vacation.  I am helping out with some craft projects at church and planning for Esme's birthday party.  Tuesday was World Autism Day.  We all wore our Parker Patrol and Autism Speaks Walk gear and changed out our patio light to a blue one.  Sometimes we get more in to it, but it was kind of a last minute thought this year.
Tuesday was also our nephew, Jayden's, birthday.  I seriously can't believe he is 15 and starting Driver's Ed next week.  I still remember his little baby days and more than one night where he kept me up late.
We got him a new mouse for his computer, but that paled in comparison to the gift my dad (grandpa) made him.  It was a custom wooden chess set.  He crafted the board and turned the pieces on his lathe.  I had seen his making it in stages over the last year or so (maybe less, he will inform me of the correct timeline.)  I think it turned out amazing!
Jayden was pretty excited about it and asked to play a game right away!
My office at work has been undergoing a massive remodel.  The final stages of the new sales stations was completed while I was on vacation, so I came back to a new home.  We all have electronic desks that move up and down so we can opt to sit or stand at preset heights.  We selected spots in order of seniority and I got a lovely location with a large window.  I really like having so much natural light.  The sun would be a factor in the morning depending on the weather and time of year, but then we just draw the shades.
The foyer was formerly our front counter entrance and will be removed sometime in the near future.  This will really open up the view.  There are a lot of other exciting changes happening.  It's going to be a fun year at Discount Steel!

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