Friday, April 12, 2019

The Once-Again Toothless Wonder

Parker's peers have been losing teeth for years!  I have wondered when he would join the club and how exactly he would react to it.  I've been asking about it at each dentist appointment and she was able to tell it was just barely loose at the last one.  It wasn't until Monday that I noticed it had become very loose.  He didn't want to wiggle it too much, but did let me touch it from time to time.
 I let his teacher know about it, so she could keep an eye out while he was at school.  Sure enough, it popped out in the lunch line at school today.  She said he acted surprised when it cam out, but it didn't scare him.  It came home in a cute little tooth caddy.  I remember getting a necklace as a kid.
 I had to look back, but it turned out to the same tooth that came in first.
 We aren't going to do the tooth fairy in our house, but we did celebrate in our favorite way.  Chocolate on chocolate donuts!  Congrats on your first lost tooth Parker!

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