Saturday, December 22, 2018

Christmas Kick-off 2018

This year's Christmas kick-off was at work.  Secret Santa started last week.  I got some great snacks, a baking tray with cover and a Lip Smackers variety pack.  Those were a throw back to my childhood, but will also be great for getting the kids to use lip balm.
Friday was our annual potluck.  Instead of ugly sweater, the theme this year was festive wear.  I made a shirt and wore my tree skirt skirt.  I had to replace the lights last minute, but it worked!  Marnie was voted the most festive and took over the Barbie trophy.
 The potluck had been split between the office and the warehouse in previous years, but was combined this year.  We had 20 crock pots, a roaster, and a chocolate fountain.  Some electrical finagling was needed, but we got it going.
 There were so many choices.  I made three trips throughout the day and was so full!
 I had some fun with my Secret Santa.  She listed "patience" as something she always needs more of, so I made her wait.  I gave her a small bag of candy the first day of it, then she didn't get the rest until Christmas Eve, when her sister delivered it.  She said it was definitely worth the wait.
Only four more gatherings to go...

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