Monday, December 17, 2018

A New-to-Me Bumper

Remember when my bumper got stolen? I still can't believe that actually happened.  I finally found time to get to the junkyard for a new one.  There are a few U-Pull places in the metro.  They can tell you if there is a car on site, but not what parts are available.  There were two Mazda 3s at a place north of the cities, so we headed that way.  It was $2 a head to go in.  The gray one ended up being a hatchback, which has a different bumper style, so it was the white one or bust.
My dad brought a bunch of tools and we were able to remove it pretty easily.  There were some rusted fasteners and connections, which is common with this model. We were also able to snag the bottom brackets, which had been cut by the person who took mine.
$53 more and we were on our way home.  My dad just dropped me off and left.  I was eager to get it installed, so I did it myself.  There were some broken brackets under the tail lights, but I was able to zip tie them in place and fully connect the lower brackets.  The two mounting locations on the wheels sides are no longer there, but it's not going anywhere.
A slight dent on the passenger's side that we can likely work out at some point.  I may also add a coat of blue paint come spring.  Thanks for your help dad!

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