Sunday, September 9, 2018

Other Summer Adventures

We've had a lot of other stuff going on the last month and a half, so here is a quick synopsis.  We checked out the new Pizza Ranch in Crystal a few weeks after it opened.  They also have a new dessert, chocolate cactus bread.  Parker immediately asked for it instead when I handed him the regular stuff.
We've taken lots of walks, including a couple to a nearby grocery store.  The kids have quickly learned they hand out dum dum suckers at the checkout and they love it!
A huge milestone at the beginning of August was Parker trying out the traditional zip line.  Perhaps he was inspired by our trip to Madison's Place because he hopped right on one evening and asked me to push him.  It's one of his favorites at the park now.
We met a couple of our ECFE friend's that same evening and had a great time playing.
Summer adventure club kept Parker very busy during the day.  We got a few pictures from his amazing one to one para.
 He often got hugs from friends at the end of each day and they really looked forward to seeing him each day.  I love how accepting they are even though Parker doesn't communicate in a traditional way.
There was a lot of park exploration this summer.  Esme is becoming more adventurous each day at our home park and we found a lot of things to spin at Schaper Park.  It's a new park we checked out last week that has a ninja warrior style training course and is handicap accessible.
 We closed out unofficial summer by grilling.  I was able to grill on the Weber quite a few times this summer.  I even perfectly cooked thick cut bone-in pork chops.  Just dogs and brats this time.  I hope to fire it up a couple more times before winter.
Another quick summer in the rear view mirror.  Fall is always a busy time for us, but I am looking forward to it.

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