Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Lightbulbs are hot...

This is a lesson most of us over 13 were taught as kids.  Compact fluorescents and now LED bulbs rule the market.  They an be hot, but not typically hot enough to burn.  We also don't have many opportunities for exposed bulbs at our house.  We were elsewhere a couple weeks ago and Parker turned on a lamp that was sitting on the floor.  Esme got a little curious and touched the bulb.  We are lucky she didn't get her whole palm on it, but he finger got burned pretty bad.

She was very upset at first, but was able to calmed down.  This picture was taken about 24 hours after.  The first blister popped the first night and part of the skin ripped off.  The second blister popped during the next day.
 We stocked up on triple antibiotic cream and knuckles bandaids to keep it well covered.  She was a trooper with it all, only fussingwhen we changed the bandage.
 By 5 days in she was ready to go without a bandaid.  She kept asking us to put one on and didn't understand she didn't need it anymore.
 We are a couple weeks out now and it is totally healed.  I know it could have been much worse and am grateful she was so brave.

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