Friday, August 10, 2018

Twin Cities River Rats

We had a great family adventure on Wednesday.  My parents mentioned they were going to see the Twin Cities River Rats water ski team and invited us to join.  My brother, Sean, and nephew, Jayden, came down too.  They perform once or twice a week on the Mississippi River just north of downtown Minneapolis.  My parents picked up dinner from nearby Broadway Pizza and grabbed an open spot for the show.
The kids did pretty well overall.  Parker stayed in the stroller most of the time and Esme stayed nearby.  Neither of them paid much attention, but did dance to the music a little, as can be seen in the video below.
 They had a whole bunch of different acts.  Pyramid groups, swivel skiers, pairs, aerials, and more. 
 One group started with 19 women taking of from one dock, then adding 12 men while in motion, for a total of 31 people being pulled by one boat!
It was such a fun and free event, we may have to check it out again next year.

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