Monday, August 20, 2018

Battling Sickness and Birthdays

Esme had a cold last week and Jimmy noticed she has some rapid, shallow breathing and wheezing on Thursday night.  He's had asthma his whole life and knew this was a potential sign of something worse.  It was nearly bed time, so we put her down and checked to see if her breathing slowed down.  When it hadn't, I decided to call the clinic nurse line to discuss.  She advised that we were probably ok staying home for the night, but should see a doctor in the morning. 

Esme and I headed to urgent care right at 8:00.  The doctor first decided to nebulize her to reduce the wheezing.  She did not like it at first, but I was able to distract her with Moana.  Once the wheezing was reduced the doctor could hear some cracking in her left lung.  Since it was only on one side, the doctor thought it was probably pneumonia.  We didn't confirm with x-ray, but did start antibiotics.
We got the most adorable nebulizer to take home.  This is Sami and he was our good friend for a few days.
Esme was a rockstar taking her medicine at home.  Jimmy was probably more excited about it that he should have been, but he had to go to the doctor to get nebulized as a kid, so this was neat to have one of our own.
We didn't have any big birthday plans, which was nice since Esme was sick. We turned 33 and 38 on Sunday.  I had a gift for Jimmy already, but I unexpected received another item I was expecting from a Kickstarter we backed in April.  Jimmy's favorite band, MXPX, crowdfunded their most recent album.  One of the incentive levels was a lyric sheet of any song hand-written by Mike Herrera, the lead singer and songwriter.  I kept it a secret from Jimmy and he was so surprised! 
I chose "Quit Your Life", which was our first dance song at our wedding.  Just need to find the perfect frame and a spot for it on the wall.  I will share his other gift in another post.
I ended the day having dinner with 4 of the girls from high school.  It is always fun to see these ladies when we can find the time.  Low-key, but super fun birthday!

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