Monday, July 2, 2018

Park Hopping and a Backyard Gate

We hit up a couple new parks this week (and one old one.)  We found this cute bucket swing near the Anoka pool.  It was just the right size for the kids to share.
 Saturday we checked out Hyland Recreation Area in Bloomington.  It has a huge climbing structure and giant slides.  Parker really liked being pushed high on the tire swing.
 Back at our home park Esme asked to go on the big swing.  She looks so big in this picture, not my baby anymore.
Another project we've been working on the last few weeks is gating in our backyard.  My parents came over to help concrete in the posts a few weeks ago.
I took it upon myself to finish the fence and gate.  This is probably the largest construction project I have taken on myself and I am pretty proud.  I used a no-sag gate kit (which always sags a little).  It was the same one we used on the gates at our old house.
I attached a board for the latch directly to the garage and added another to serve as a gate stop.  I know the kids will be pushing on it and this will reduce the stress on the latch and hinges.
We've added a temporary barrier on the side of the garage, so we are fully secure.  It's nice to let the kids out the back door and not worry about them running in to the street.

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