Sunday, June 17, 2018

Jumping in to Summer

We jumped right in to summer this week.  Parker stayed with my parents for a couple of days since Summer adventure club didn't start until Monday.  We dropped him off last Wednesday and had a little camp fire.
 The kids had a blast swinging and playing with their cousin, Jayden.
 Something a little less fun happened as well.  We think Esme was stung by a wasp, but don't know for sure.  I briefly heard her cry and grab her arm when she was on my parents deck, but she stopped quickly, so I didn't think much of it.  We saw the mark once she was in the bath.  I did some quick research and we drew a line around the red part to keep an eye on it.  We picked up some children's allergy medicine on the way home, but didn't even need it because the red was already gone.
 Jayden is staying with us for a few nights this weekend.  We saw Incredibles 2 on Friday night, continuing our Pixar tradition.  We also played a game together on Saturday, but just let him be a 14 year old the rest of the time.
Parker is becoming a bit more adventurous on the playground.  He is willing to try new things and even likes the overhead glider.  He hasn't quite figured out how to push off himself, but we help him out. We are all excited to explore more parks this summer!

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