Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Nature Center Field Trip

Parker's class took a field trip to Westwood Hills Nature Center last week.  We went there this spring for a friend's birthday party and I was excited to go back.  Jimmy was also excited because he took many trips here as a kid.  There were short paras to go along and Parker needs one on one attention at times like this, so they asked if a parent could attend.  I got to ride the bus with him, which was a new experience.  It's been a long time since I was in a confined space with that many kindergarteners.  It was so loud with all the chatter, but Parker didn't mind.
 I tried to get a picture of him exploring, but this was the best I could do.  They had a fun puppet show, but Parker refused to sit and watch, so we took a walk outside. 
 Once the show was over we took a nature walk and learned about the different kinds of leaves on the ground.  I one below is a white oak.  Parker did great on the walk, holding my hand the whole time.
In the Apiary, where the bees live
Every student brought an apple and we used them to make cider.  We crushed the apples with a crank and pressed the juice out.  Parker took a couple sips, then dropped the cup.  I was bummed because it was really tasty.
 We ended the trip on the playground.  This is a new addition to the nature center and the kids had a blast.  If you look closely you can see they made the uprights look like tree trunks.  It was a really fun day and I can't wait for another one!

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