Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Bayfield Apple Fest 2017

Our annual trip to the Bayfield Apple Fest was last weekend.  We left on Thursday morning for our drive to Ashland.  It's tough to get a car selfie with all of us these days, so we'll settle for two.
First stop for lunch, always at Coop's in Hayward for the pizza buffet.  
Both kids enjoyed it a lot this year!  Parker didn't want to sit still, which is pretty common these days.  It didn't help that there were some Halloween decorations to play with in the window.
On to the main street shops!  I scored some fun sweatpants and mittens on clearance and then we hit up the candy shop and bakery.  The kids shared a yummy fudge filled chocolate chip cookie!
The sugar wasn't too much because both of them fell asleep for the final leg to Ashland.
We've stayed at another hotel in town a couple times and decided to try a new one this year.  It has a great pool area that the kids loved.
Esme loved the slide and wanted to climb up the stairs herself.  She slipped and got her first skinned knee.  Parker was almost the same age when he got his.  She cried a little, but walked it off.
Tough day of traveling and swimming tired all of us out.  Both kids went down very easily, which was nice since we are all in the same room.
The free breakfast in the morning was a hit for all!  The kids shared a waffle and eggs.  Jimmy and I just grabbed coffee so there was plenty of room for festival food.
The weather this year was beautiful.  It was in the 50s already when we arrived around 10:00 and the sun was shining!
Parker's favorite has always been the mini donuts.  They had a new flavor this year, apple cinnamon, and they were delicious!  Apple brats with apple mustard are my first stop ever year!
We tried an apple cider freezie, which was just a skinny ziploc filled with cider.  Both kids enjoyed that.  They had a chance to run around the park for a little bit and burn off some energy.
Jimmy was eyeing up the grilled cheese stand and picked out the bacon one.
Parker wasn't interested, but Esme loved it as you can see in the video below.
We finished up with island noodles and pizza.  I love all the craft booths and got a few good ideas to try and replicate.  
Night two went just as smoothly back at the hotel.  We really like it and will probably make it our new place to stay.  Until next year!

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