Monday, October 16, 2017

House Project Recap

We have had plenty of projects keeping us busy even though the new house was move in ready.  Pictures and shelving to hang, a little bit of painting and all sorts of stuff in between.  Here is a quick recap of some of our projects over the last two months.

Our previous kitchen table fit great in it's space, so we left it.  This left us without a table, so we headed to IKEA for a new set.  It was pretty easy to build and fits great in out new space.  It has a couple leafs and can easily seat 8, which can be seen in this post.
Another early project was gaining some privacy in our master bathroom.  My parents had used frosted glass spray paint in theirs and we thought it would worth a try.  I couldn't get the window sash out, so I created a little paint guard in place.
Seems to be working pretty well right now, but I may need to touch it up a bit.
The entire main floor had a fresh coat of gray paint, but we wanted to give the kids' rooms some personality.  We painted Parker's the same yellow as his old room, but we added an orange accent wall.
Esme has never had her own room, so I was very excited to plan one for her.  Her room is a light purple and the future curtains will tie in the teal and dark pink.
The flower decals below were added a couple weeks ago.
Not really a project, but our old furniture didn't work great in the new room, so we found a smaller one for our upstairs.  We added a shelf behind it as a place to set drinks and to keep it away from the wall and maintain air flow from the vent.
Several of our door handles/locks weren't working properly.  It turns out they hadn't been fully bored for more current handle sets, so I broke out the chisel and fixed them.  It's been so nice being able to fully lock our deadbolt!  Radon was the only major issue that came up in our home inspection.  As part of the mitigation we needed to get a new sump pump that was submersible, meaning it is installed in the basin and not above.  My dad came over to help and it only took about 30 minutes to switch out.  The previous one sat outside the basin and sometimes woke Jimmy when it ran at night.  The new one can't be heard at all upstairs, another plus!
The fan for the radon was hooked up and we are officially pumping it out of the basement!  We still need to have it retested, but should be in a good place.
Another project we've been slowly tackling is replacing the outlets and light switches.  They just painted the almond ones white and that started to chip pretty quickly.  There are also a lot of two prong outlets and we wanted them all to be tamper resistant.
Our most recent project is prepping for our new-to-us swing set.  We moved a bunch of landscape rock from the area it will be to the side of the house.  The egress windows were installed this spring and there was a forest of weeds.  I am not a fan of rock, but it will be a good solution for this spot.  
With the weather turning colder we need to finish up a few more outdoor tasks before heading in for the winter.

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  1. You have been busy, but it looks great!! I can’t believe they painted the outlets ��