Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Moving Out

We've been preparing for moving out for a while now.  There was a lot of decluttering prior to listing.  We borrowed a trailer last weekend and loaded up everything in the garage.  It had pretty low side boards, but we were able to build them up with ladders and other stuff.  We took the back roads and parked it in my parents shed.
This is all the boxes from before we listed.
Jimmy went to pre-sign for our sale on Tuesday morning and we had the U-Haul booked to pick up that night.  He was told there may be a delay with the closing, but we decided to go ahead with loading.  Half the house was already packed and in the garage so there was no going back.
We had lots of helpers to load and to watch the kids.
 We got everything loaded in under 3 hours even with a short rain delay.
 My dad drove the truck back to there house since it would be a few days before we unloaded.
 All that was left last night was Parker's mattress, Esme's pack n' play, an air mattress for us, some clothes and a few random things.
 Jimmy went to bed and I had to lounge on softest thing I could find (it wasn't very soft.)
We will be spending the next couple nights with my parents and hopefully we get to unload on Friday as planned!

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