Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Holiday Nebraska Trip

We took a trip to Nebraska the weekend before Fourth of July.  We left after work on Friday and arrived at my cousins' house about 11:30.  Both kids travelled great and we only had to make one longer stop for dinner.
 We had a BBQ at my great aunt and uncle's house on Saturday.  I was a gorgeous afternoon!
 Parker and Esme had so much fun playing with their cousins.  Presley and Lydia loved having a little toddler to dote on.  I tried to get a cute holiday picture of Esme, but she just wasn't having it!
 We spent Sunday morning and early afternoon relaxing.  Jimmy and my parents headed out to golf around 1:00 and the kids and I met them there so I could switch with my mom for the back 9.
 The kids went to the park in town with Nana and Great Grandma Bette.  Sand was in every crevice!
 They had so much fun playing together.
 We had a nice breakfast with my Grandma and Larry before heading home about 8:30.  We picked up some pizza in Worthington, MN and stopped at a park for lunch and to stretch our legs.
 One last stop for twist cones in St. Peter and we had home in our sights!
 The kids were great travelers again and Parker even took a nap in car.  This almost never happens anymore, so our park stop must have helped.

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