Sunday, February 19, 2017

Pretzeldent's Day 2017

We fulfilled our patriotic duty (and filled our stomachs) by celebrating the 3rd Annual Pretzeldent's Day yesterday.  
 Presidential PEZ dispensers were added to the decorations this year.  A co-worker of mine saw them on Groupon so I forwarded the link to host Brianne!  She doesn't have all of them, but it's a good start.
 Even the artwork in the room got a Presidential update!
 There were a lot of fun game and activities including a sensory bin for the kids complete with pipe cleaner pretzels.
 The sweet and savory pretzel buffet was in full force as always!
 We finished up with Prezeldential fact or fiction, Pictionary, and Taboo.
 We had several new participants this year and it was great sharing in the fun.
Happy Pretzeldent's Day!

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