Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Esme June - Ten Months Old

Esme is ten months old today and she is on the move!  She still likes sitting a lot, but can army crawl and roll her way around.  She loves anything electronic and will crawl towards Parker's iPad and our phones.  She is starting to figure out some of her tactile toys like the the animal pop-up and giraffe spinner.  She continues to sleep well at night, but sometimes needs a little encouragement to fall asleep at first.

By my at home measurements she is still about 21 lbs.  She is wearing all 12 month clothing and is still in size 4 diapers during the day and at night.  She is generally eating 40 ounces of formula per day and still gets at least one meal of food most days.  She has tried carrots in the last month and we will be offering more finger foods soon.  She has has some gagging issues with the few things we have given her, so I don't want to push too hard.  Here are a couple videos of Esme's new skills.
We did a Valentine's photo shoot on Sunday and it turned out utterly adorable!  Can't believe we are only a couple months away from 1 year!

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