Monday, February 13, 2017

Date Night, Dance Night

Jimmy and I had a kidless date night on Friday.  Our church got group tickets to see "Til' Death: A Marriage Musical."  It was put on by Bucket Brigade Theater at Art House North in St. Paul.  It was within walking distance of a restaurant we really wanted to try, but traffic was a nightmare so we had to call an audible and find something faster.  I was really annoyed and bummed at first, but so grateful after we finished eating.  Tavial Grill is a cute little quick serve Mexican joint.  We shares tamales and a chimichanga and it was so good!  We will definitely be back, even if it's just for take out!
 The play brought humor to the real struggle that marriage can be sometimes.  Everyone was bursting with laughter.  We even got character themed cupcakes during intermission.  I would definitely recommend this play to all my friends, but it only goes through February 25th, so move fast!
 We made our way to Rosedale on Saturday night.  It has been years since we have been there and they are doing a lot of renovations.  I made sure to get an Apple Store picture to add to our collection!
 A giant slice of pizza makes us all happy!
Family dance night was combined with bath night and I tried to get some video.  Esme was enjoying the music so much, but Parker kept standing up so a lot of it needed to be edited out!

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