Thursday, February 4, 2016

Twix Taste and Vote

This is one of those posts that makes my dad think "you guys have too much time on your hands!"  I just think it is fun!  We were at Menards on Sunday ordering doors for an upcoming project when we saw a new Twix bar.  They now have ones marked "left" and "right" Twix and "Taste and Vote."  Of course we had to try it out!  We eat tried both sides in the car and made our initial judgement.  We agreed that right Twix was sweeter than left Twix and Jimmy thought left Twix tasted more like original Twix.  We decided to do another blind taste test once we got home and those results are in the video below.  The two sides don't appear different, but they sure seem to taste different.
So, based on our highly scientific research, the two sides are different.  We aren't sure if they are both new or one is new and one is different, but we definitely think they are different!  Taste for yourself and let us know what you think!

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