Sunday, February 28, 2016

Master Bedroom Makeover

Baby girl is expected to arrive in about 9 weeks.  We only had one major project on our list before she comes, a bedroom make-over.  We originally painted it green when we moved in and had a quilt that worked with the color, but ended up with a plain white duvet.  We repainted in the summer of 2011 at the same time we were getting Parker's room ready.  We went with a chocolaty brown that I really liked!  Jimmy mentioned wanting to change things up about a year ago and I was surprised.  It turns out he hadn't been a big fan of the color from the beginning, so I let him take the color palette reins this time.  We also took this opportunity to replace the last two doors on our main level.  Our house had old pine doors when we moved in and I had replaced the other five in 2010 and 2011 by myself.  My parents were a big help this time.  They picked up the doors and finished them for me!  Project day was yesterday and I was up early starting with demo and prep!  Jimmy had already moved the bed and furniture the night before, which was a big help.
I had the old doors off, frames removed, and half the taping done when my parents arrived.  Our old doors were a bit shorter than the new ones, so we had to make the opening bigger by about an inch.  Seems like a basic task, but 65 year old wood can be a bit stubborn!
One of our dads is usually more knowledgeable about house projects, but my dad has only installed one door, so I was in charge!  I had forgotten how finicky they can be, but we did it!
My dad has a big finish nailer that was a huge help this time around!  Way easier than hand nailing!
Nothing better than a pregnant lady with pneumatic tools!
Once the dusty part of our job was done, my mom started painting.  It was a gorgeous day in the upper 50's, so we were able to open the windows and get good ventilation!
Jimmy even broke out the Mustang for Parker!
He was so excited to get to play outside without a bunch of layers!
After a long day of work we went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory.  We had a couple gift cards and my parents have never been.  The most my dad knows is from what he has seen on Big Bang Theory (which isn't really close at all!)  My mom headed back to our house for one more coat of paint before the day was finished.  One last stop at Menards for door handle and stops and I could relax!
We still need to finish the trim, but that is a pretty easy job for me to do on my own.  Jimmy chose a more contemporary gray and we found the reversible duvet on sale at Ikea!  We have an old quilt of Jimmy's that is gray and blue.  We are hoping it will work for the summer so we don't have to buy any more new bedding!  The bed used to be in front of the window on the right below.  I have been begging Jimmy to try it this way and he finally let me since it was tore up anyway.  Baby girl's pack 'n play will go in the corner with the tall dresser (which will move to the closet.)  I think it makes the room feel bigger because there are larger open spaces.  We are working on new picture frames for the walls and will add some artwork for baby girl, so she has her own space too!
I am so happy that this project is almost done and so grateful for all the help from my parents!

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