Tuesday, February 23, 2016

30 weeks: A Happy Heart Update

It's been 6 weeks since our first echocardiogram and we had a follow-up today.  So many prayers have been answered because we got some great news.  The walls of baby girl's heart now look healthy for gestational age!  Woo Hoo!  We did learn that she MAY have a small hole between the ventricles (lines showing the location below.)  I emphasize MAY because this is a really difficult place to see.  This was noted in our previous scan, but the wall thickening was of bigger concern.  So, we have exchanged one long diagnosis (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) for another (perimembranous ventricular septal defect.)  VSDs are the most common heart defect in newborns, occurring in 2-6:1000 births.  According to Jimmy's dad's cardiologist (and Wikipedia) most of them close up within the first few years of life and don't require treatment.  I also learned tonight that the son of a good friend has a VSD.  He was monitored more often when he was younger and now required follow-up only every 5 years.  We were so happy with this news leaving the hospital today.  This means we can still deliver at our preferred hospital and she will have to have an echocardiogram before we leave the hospital to confirm the VSD.
 We have also Finally started with some real baby prep.  We picked out a new stroller that would accommodate both kids tonight.  I have been going back and fourth on a few and decided a sit and stand would give us the most longevity.  Parker still needs to be corralled when we are out and about, so we needed something.  We picked out a Baby Trend one that will work great.  Parker will be able to sit in the front with the car seat in the back.  Our car seat will not "click" in, but can be secured with a strap until she is big enough to sit in the front.  It will also fold down small enough to fit in our little Mazda 3 trunk.  Parker approved of our choice tonight too!
 We did our first batch of baby laundry too!  We got some adorable girl clothes for Christmas and can't wait to dress her up.
 We are also starting to stock up on supplies.  Target had a great gift card offer this week, so I picked up a few boxes of newborn and size one diapers.
We will make ore progress this weekend by starting our bedroom makeover.  Baby girl will be sharing our room for a while and we have some projects to finish.  Our closet doors are the last to be replaced in our upstairs and we will be repainting as well.  10 weeks or less until she is here!

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  1. That is such great news!! it's hard to believe she'll be here soon! And yay for baby prep! That's the funniest part of pregnancy for me :)