Friday, July 3, 2015

Last Weekend

We had a fun and relaxing time last weekend.  It was date night so we tried out a new place on our list of places from the Metro Dining Club.  We got 166 discounts cards for just $26.00.  You can use each one once a month for a whole year.  We have already saved a bunch and it is a great excuse to try new places.  Papa's Cafe is a cute little joint that serves breakfast all day.
 They have huge portions so Jimmy was easily able to share his meal with Parker,
 The eggs benedict was delicious and the super crispy hashbrowns were the perfect side!
 We spent a lot of time outside on Saturday.  We put out our wacky sprinkler for the first time.  We weren't sure if Parker would like it so we just left him in street clothes.
 He ended up loving it, so we will have breakout the swimsuit next time.
We headed out early Sunday for a day trip to visit Jimmy's sister in Two Harbors.  It rained most of the afternoon so we stayed inside and played Wii.
 Parker stole my controller.
 Parker loved paying the dogs like last time.
 We headed to a local eatery, The Lighthouse at Emily's, for dinner.  Jimmy got their grill wars winning Beacon Burger.  It has cream cheese, beacon berries(cranberries and blueberries smashed together), and BBQ sauce.
It was a fun day but a lot of driving.  We will have to plan an overnight trip next time!

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  1. What fun! The food looks delicious too :) Glad y'all are having a good summer so far!