Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dental Hygiene

It has been over 2 years since Parker's last visit to the dentist.  Between insurance changes and procrastination it just didn't happen.  We finally got him back last week and it went better than expected.  He found the school bus in the lobby right away!  That kept his occupied enough that he didn't realize we were at a doctor's office!
We got a private room, which was nice since we didn't know how he would react.  They had his name on the board and let my choose a tooth brush!  He picked a How to Train Your Dragon one!
 He even hopped into the chair on his own.  The hygienist made it move up and down and that freaked him out!
 The tooth exam went pretty well.  Dr. Bobbi was able to get a good look and count of all his teeth.  This is the same dentist Parker saw last time.  We didn't know then that she has experience with kids on the autism spectrum.  We loved her then and are even more excited to continue to have Parker see her.
 He has some buildup on his lower front teeth (which is common).  He was not a fan of getting that scraped off!  She didn't get it all, but it looks a lot better!
We are already scheduled to go back in 6 months, so there is no excuse this time!

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