Thursday, February 20, 2014

5 Years in our Home!

This is a pretty exciting post for me.  First, it is my 200th post!  I am actually keeping up pretty well with this blogging thing!  Second, this post means I have my pictures back!  Yay, they are all there (I am pretty sure!)  Here is a quick rundown of our journey over that last 5 years.
Home Owners!  Closing on January 29th, 2009
We spent the first couple months doing some "basic" renovations to make it livable.
 We sanded and refinished the hardwood floors

Removed (fabric) wallpaper, reupholstered the banquet and replaced the floor in the kitchen.

 Painted the kitchen cabinets.  I couldn't find a completed picture and I am too lazy to go take one!
We have steadily done more projects since then.  One of the biggest was painting the exterior in 2010.  Go ahead, scroll back up and look at that hideous Big Bird yellow!  Our neighbors were thanking us!
Replaced most of the orange interior doors with lovely oak 2-panel doors.
Refinished our basement living room (you saw this journey!)

So many more projects still to come.  We are finally settling in and it feels so nice!  Despite the challenges an older home can bring, I really love living here.

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