Sunday, December 8, 2013


I tweeted a week ago that Parker may have waved goodbye to our waiter.  Throughout this week I have seen this happen a few more times appropriately.  We had dinner with some friends tonight and he waved a few times as we were saying goodbye! I am so proud of all the new skills he is learning. I still have not gotten a wave when I drop him off at daycare, but all in good time. 

I wish I had more to update, but it was a mellow week. We were recovering from the busy weekend and it has been WAY too cold to do much else.  We did have a minor (almost) panic moment last night. Our power went out at 1 am. I learned that Jimmy always wakes up when this happens. He waited a few minutes to wake me up.  Luckily, it was only out for 5-6 minutes. Our lights out saga this summer was terrible enough without it being below zero.  

I did have a chance to do some holiday decorating. I have vowed to wait until after Parker's birthday to break out the holiday fun. I am one of those people who put the tree up a week (or more) before Thanksgiving so it has been an adjustment. Not perfect yet, but we are getting there.

Christmas parties start next weekend and go into January. Should be a fun filled season celebrating with friends and family!

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