Wednesday, December 25, 2013

More Merry!

It has been a crazy week for the Herrmann's!  Four Christmas gatherings in 5 days!  Over the weekend we saw both sides of Jimmy's extended family.  We got a fun picture of all the great-grandkids on Jimmy's dad's side.
L to R: Grace, Carter, Emily, Paul, Emma, Parker, Izzy, Wyatt
There have been 4 new little ones in the last two years so these gatherings just keep getting more fun!

My Grandma and her friend Larry came over for breakfast on Christmas Eve morning.
Parker and Larry
Then we headed north to Jimmy's sister, Julie's house for the afternoon.  Julie is an amazing cook so I always look forward to her fare!  Quite the menu below!
 A very Christmasy spread...
 Parker snoozed through the gift opening so we saved a few for him.  He isn't quite getting it yet, but he did rip a couple strips of paper.
 The Dress and Discover Friend was probably one of his favorite gift!  He loves all the songs he sings.
 Then we sat down for that amazing meal!  Most of Jimmy's family is below.
 The drive home was a bit scary at times, but we made it.  It was snowing and blowing like crazy.  There were a couple times we got totally whitewashed by a passing car.

I was woken up by an energetic Parker in my bed!  We had a family snuggle and opened a couple gifts.  We got him a remote control car, but it may be a bit sophisticated.
 Then he opened a caterpillar toy from his daycare lady!
 We packed up and headed to my parents for the rest of the day.  We always get stocking stuffers from my parents so we opened those gifts first.
 He got this awesome Minnesota Twins teddybear.
 Later in the day we sat down for a great meal!  Prime rib TWO days in a row, who doesn't love that!  Green beans casserole, my favorite cheesy potatoes, rolls fruit and so much more.
L to R: Grandma Bette, Paul, Nana, Grandpa, Jimmy, Larry
We were even able to get a family photo in front of the tree.
 My brother's family got there after lunch.  Here is the whole gang!
 Parker started to get a little more interested in his presents, especially when it looked like something cool was peeking out.

We are so blessed with such amazing families.  We are so thankful for all the love and support they give us.  It was a busy week, but so worth it.  I hope your holidays were equally rewarding.

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