Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wedding Weekend #1

We have a very busy spring on the wedding front!  This last weekend was the first of 3!  My cousin Felicia got married in Nebraska, so we made the 400 mile drive to celebrate.  Parker does not like to be restrained these days unless he is constantly was a rough trip down at times.  I was especially excited for this wedding because Felicia, her sister Melissa, and I were pretty close growing up.  She is only a year younger than me so it just worked to hang out!  In case I haven't mentioned it, I have a large extended family (47-ish first cousins on my mom's side!)  This makes family stuff pretty eventful!

The wedding was held at a hotel/event center with a fun "water park" area.  We spent Saturday morning at the pool.  It was a little chilly, but we still had fun splashing.

Cousins Jayden and Cody Racing!
And a trip to Nebraska is never complete without a stop at Runza!  If you are not lucky enough to have experienced a Runza, then you will just have to Google it!
Parker's First Runza
There WAS an actual wedding amidst all of the other fun!  Felicia was gorgeous.  She had an amazing lace beaded dress that was so elegant.  It was a beautiful ceremony.

Parker wasn't too interested in the festivities, but he enjoyed being outside!  It was almost 70!  It hasn't been that warm in MN yet this year so it was a welcome change.

After the ceremony we had a blast with family and danced the night away!  Parker isn't much of a dancer yet, but I think he has potential.
Nana and Parker at dinner
Congrats Aaron and Felicia!

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