Saturday, April 20, 2013

Seattle: Part One

We had the opportunity to take a trip to Seattle this spring for my cousin Michele's wedding (#2, if you are counting!)  We decided to make a full vacation out of it and spent 5 days out west.  It was Parker's first flight so we were a bit nervous about how it would go.  He did wonderful on the way out!  He loved watching the action outside the terminal and fell asleep as we were taxiing.  He slept for half the flight and we were able to keep him occupied with snacks for most of the end of our flight.

Ready for take-off!
We rented an amazing townhouse near the International District that we shared with my parents.  We just hung out on Friday night as my parents had already done the grocery shopping.  

Saturday was the wedding.  It took place in the LaConner which is just over an hour north of Seattle.  It was also the Skagit Valley Tulip festival.  We only saw a few fields on our way into town because we were running short on time.  It was very pretty, but I didn't have a chance to get pictures.  Parker was able to find some toys to play with before the ceremony started.
 It was a beautiful ceremony and Michele was glowing.  

 Now it is time time to eat and party!  The food was so good!  They had mini pizza and cheese and crackers for cocktail hour and a full Italian style spread of veggies, chicken and salmon for dinner.

Parker loved the music and lights on the ceiling.

Parker conked out from all the excitement
So beautiful!
We woke up early Sunday to head back up north to go whale watching.  My parents volunteered to take Parker with them so Jimmy and I could have a day out and about.  The boat departed from Langley, WA, which required us to take the car on a ferry!  It was a very neat experience!
On the ferry
It was a sunny, but brisk day so I borrowed my mom's jacket and Jimmy took one from the closet of our townhouse (Go Ducks!)  We boarded the Mystic Sea just before 11 am.  It rained a bit just as we were heading out into the sound, but it cleared up quickly.
We were lucky and got to see the gray whales right out of the gate.  You first look for the spray from the blowhole, then see the back and (sometimes) the tale.  I didn't realize how sneaky whales could be! They can stay submerged for up to 15 minutes and reappear up to a MILE away!  There really isn't a science to tracking them.  The whales we saw have been coming back to the sound for 2 decades.  They have trained spotters that can tell you which whales are out.  They can tell by the white patches on the backs and tails.  We saw 2 different whales on our trip.

We were on the boat for 3 hours and headed back into town for a bit before heading back to Seattle.  Jimmy spotted a cupcake shop so we got some dessert.  He said it was the BEST frosting he has ever had.  It was light and fluffy, but very flavorful and not too sweet. 

While we were up north, my parents took a trip south to Mount Rainier.  It was snowy and cold up there so it felt like home!  The top was closed due to bad weather, but they still had fun.

We ended our day out with dinner at Ray's Cafe.  It was restaurant week in Seattle so you could get 3 courses for $28!  Spendier than a normal night out for us, but cheaper than it would have been.  Plus, our pediatrician had recommended Ray's when we mentioned out trip to her.
Lesa's meal (top): Crispy Calamari, Blackened Rockfish with hush puppies, Ginger Creme Brulee (best dessert ever!)
Jimmy's meal (bottom): Scallop Salad, Top Sirloin with peppercorn sauce, Blood Orange Cheesecake w/ chocolate sauce.

Up Next: Pike Place Market, Chihuly Garden, Space Needle, Safeco Field and Bremerton

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