Friday, March 15, 2019

Let there be light : Redeux!

Way back on 2012, we had recessed lighting installed in the basement of our old house.  One of the main pain points in our new house was the lack of ceiling lights.  None of the bedrooms or living room had them, so we were living with lamps.  It's functional, but not ideal.  The same friend, Travis, came over with another guy to install 6 can lights in our living room, a ceiling fan in the master, chandelier in Esme's room and ceiling lights in the laundry room and Parker's room.
 It was really fun to come home to a fully lit house!  Jimmy had to get some fancy bulbs for our living room.  They can be programmed to any white color temperature, brightness, and configuration.
We've already integrated them in to our Apple Home system, so they are a part of our coming home routine.

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