Friday, May 12, 2017

Playing with Siblings and Friends

It's car watching season!  Parker is 19 months on the left below, Esme is 13 months.  The wonder of our front door isn't as intriguing to Parker anymore so it's fun to see another little person enjoy it.
 They have been playing so nicely together lately.  Parker is getting better at sharing and Esme doesn't seem to mind too much when he takes her stuff.
Esme had her first fat lip last week when a small side table came tumbling down on her.  She cut her lip pretty good so there was some blood and loose skin, but it healed pretty quickly.
 Our ECFE class ended a couple weeks ago, but we got together with a few friends for a playdate on Wednesday night.
Esme and Lily
Truman, Esme, and Lily
Parker and Truman's brother, Avery, became fast friends in sibling care too.
Lots of playdates in store for this fun group, it will be a great summer!

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