Sunday, May 14, 2017

Esme June - Thirteen Months Old

Esme is 13 months old today.  She is the speediest crawler ever, but also loves to cruise along furniture and with her push toys.  I am guessing that independent walking is just around the corner.  She can reach a lot more stuff now that she can pull to standing so easily as well.  One of the cutest things is how she bee-lines to Parker's snack cup in the afternoon.  He is quick to move it out of her reach now, but can be a great sharer when asked.  She is showing more personality each day which comes with a little sass and attitude (just like her mama!)
She is in all 18 month clothing and is wearing size 3 or 4 shoes.  She is in size 4 diapers during the day and size 5 overnight.  We have completely transitioned to whole milk and she is getting 3 solid meals and several snacks each day.  I think we have finally found a couple of sippy cups that she can drink from well so we are down to one bottle at bedtime, but occasionally give her one during the day if she isn't drinking well from a cup.  She still refuses to hold the cp herself, so that is a skill we are working on.  Self-feeding is going really well.  Her favorite food is bananas, but she also likes mac and cheese, sweet potatoes and cheesy penguin crackers.

She loves to talk and babble and uses lots of different consonant sounds.  She seems to be using "mama" and "dada" more appropriately, but it's not consistent enough to say for sure.  She absolutely loves her big brother (and he loves her too.)  We have started letting them have some snuggle/wrestle/silly time in the evenings and it's my favorite.  They both laugh so hard and have so much fun.

This video is from a couple weeks ago when she was just starting to walk behind her car.  She is a lot faster now.  She also has more room outside to keep going.
Keep growing strong little one!

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